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When it comes to designing printed circuit board assemblies, we are big fans of Altium Designer and use it for virtually all new designs. We’ve been using this CAD software and its predecessors (DXP and Protel) for years because with think it provides all of the essential and advanced features to ensure high quality, maintainable, manufacturable, and testable designs at a great value. Here are a few of the features that make Altium designer great:

  • Altium Designer is one of the most commonly used ECAD software suites in the industry, so many customers are already using or would like to use it in the future. Many reference designs and parts libraries from component manufacturers are provided for Altium software.
  • Altium was an early adopter of 3D model integration. This makes it easy to ensure that components on the board fit properly, and that the board assemblies integrate well with their enclosures and other mechanical components, saving costly board revisions.
  • Altium Designer provides excellent accommodations for designing flexible and rigid-flex boards, which is one of our specialties.
  • Altium does an excellent job making their file formats backwards- and forwards-compatible, which allows us to support all former and current versions easily. Altium now has a low-cost version, CircuitStudio, a free version, CircuitMaker, and a free file viewer, that provide flexibility in editing your design in the future.

We are proud to be an Altium Official Service Bureau, and leverage our expertise with this software to create high quality circuit board designs for our customers. If you need help designing a board in Altium Designer, please contact us to discuss your project.